Best Tours in Victoria

Inner Harbour

Victoria’s Inner Harbour has to be one of the world’s most beautiful harbors. Found in the middle of the city, it is where the Fairmont Empress, the Royal BC Museum, and the BC Parliament Building (home to BC’s Legislative Assembly) lie.

Hatley Park National Historic Site

Victoria has many impressive stately buildings, including Hatley Castle at Hatley Park National Historic Site. The prestigious property is now a museum, located on the Royal Roads University campus.

Lower Johnson Street

For the shoppers visiting Victoria, be sure to check out Lower Johnson Street in the city center. Known colloquially as LoJo, the street’s colorful Victorian buildings house some of the city’s best independent boutiques, retailers, and restaurants.

More Tours on the Vancouver Island
Pacific Rim National Park and Long Beach

Pacific Rim National Park covers a lush stretch of coast with beaches and rocky shoreline and is known for big waves, surfing, and beautiful sunsets. The most famous part of the park is the Long Beach section, which begins a few kilometers southeast of Tofino.

Cathedral Grove

In MacMillan Provincial Park one can see Douglas firs. This park, also known as "Cathedral Grove", includes several trees between 600 and 800 years old. An easy walking trail winds through the grove, past trees up to 75 meters tall, with trunks as wide as nine meters in circumference.

Clayoquot Sound

Clayoquot Sound is a remote area, north-west of Tofino. It features beautiful deep fiords, countless little islands, and one of the last surviving areas of temperate rainforest. It is a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Fascinating Facts About Canada

The 2 official languages in Canada are English and French, with English having the vast majority of speakers at around 60%. Due to Canada’s historically welcoming attitude to immigrants, the overall language mix spoken in the country is very diverse, with reasonable populations speaking Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish, German, and Italian, amongst others.


Canada has a rich agricultural and farming heritage producing food and animal products. They are classed as ‘big eaters’ particularly of meat. Traditionally most families have three meals a day, which includes breakfast, lunch and the main meal of the day - dinner. Canada has a large and diverse ethnic population spread across the nation so that there are significant variations of traditional meals and foods.

Performing Arts

Canada has many theatres throughout the country, particularly in the larger cities. The nature of theatres varies from musical to small community-based companies.

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